Bima Sakti Engraving

Expertise in Rotogravure and Marking Cylinder for Cable and Pipe

Bima Sakti Engraving, one of the pioneer in rotogravure industry in Indonesia, was established in 1970 in Jakarta. Over the course of fourty years we have one of the most extensive experiences in chemical etching technology.

Since 2001, we applied laser technology to manufacture finer marking wheels for cable, wire, syringe and capsules. For this finer rolls, an accuracy is an important aspects that we care about.

Our printing rolls are custom made for each and every of our customers. From designs, cylinders sizes, copper or chrome plating are produced according to the customer’s requirements.

To serve our customers with speed and accuracy we provide in-house graphic designer. Therefore we are able to create a new design and reproduce existing design with various changes within days or even hours

We have a workshop solely to do metalworking  and we stock metal rolls in various sizes and different lengths in order to be quick in providing finished products.

Our team is pleased to assist you and please contact us for further information.